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About Us

     Nankai ESC is directly  under the university,
administered by Vice  President  in  charge of
social sciences & humanities. The disciplines
and faculties that are closely  related  with and
actively   involved   in   our   research  activities
include  :  School  of  Economics,  International
School of  Business, School of Law &  Politics,
School  of  History.  It is a  comprehensive and
multidisciplinary academic organization. >>>

Our Understanding of European Studies

  The accurate  definition  for European Studies
remains a debatable issue. However, with
the  Nankai's  academic  merits as well as
our experiences in European related issue-
s' studies, our interpretation  goes like this:
the so-called  European  Studies  refers to
a systematic study on European economy,
politics, history and society  together  with
their related field and related aspects' stu-
dies...                                  >>>

Contact Us

Contact person: Lin Li


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